From time-to-time, each of us struggles with personal challenges that may cause us to feel distressed, or stuck. It may result in a breakdown in our relationships. Sometimes, the hardest step to take is admitting to ourself that we can't solve these problems alone. That's when it's time to seek professional help from a skilled therapist who has the experience to guide us through a troubling time.

"I believe you are the expert in your life.
Within you are the answers to many of the problems you face.
My role is to come along side you to help clear the obstacles that are preventing
real growth and change."

Terri A. Ammirati, LCPC

Welcome to Ammirati Counseling
23 Years of Clinical Experience

Specializing in Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, and Individual Therapy

Clients Speak Favorably About Ammirati Counseling

"Terri's perspective and feedback have been beyond helpful in managing my triggers and stressors. Her "big picture" approach allows me greater understanding of why certain things are issues. She is able to look beyond the present issue and relate it back to other people or situations in my past. Her empathetic directness is invaluable as I can walk away from each session with something to consider and work on. I do not feel like I am being my own therapist and talking to empty space with Terri."

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